Herpes on a Vegan Diet

What doctors often don’t know because they have comparatively very little education in nutrition and disease is that by carefully monitoring what they eat, their patients can vastly reduce the number of outbreaks they have. Sadly, changes in diet won’t actually cure herpes, but it can help you lead a life that is close to outbreak-free. [Read More…]

Fibromyalgia: Does It Really Exist?

When you are “diagnosed” with Fibromyalgia, it is not because your doctors have actually found something wrong with you, it is because your symptoms fit a set of rather broad criteria that define the condition – and they haven’t been able to figure out what is actually causing your problem. [Read More…]

Break Your Sugar Addiction

Break Your Sugar Addiction You may not know it, but you are an addict.  Like most Americans, you suffer from sugar addiction.  Fortunately, it is possible to break your sugar addiction. Signs of Sugar Addiction [Read More…]

My Search for the Truth about Fibromyalgia

Between the chronic pain and the insomnia, which was worsened by the now much more intensified pain, I had no energy. I could barely drag myself out of bed in the morning and I had a business to run. I did not have time for this. Could it be that I had fibromyalgia? Without a doubt, my symptoms are symptoms of Fibromyalgia syndrome. [Read More…]

Beware of Hidden Sugar

Beware of Hidden Sugar Sugar is Everywhere It is no wonder that we are addicted to sugar because there is hidden sugar in nearly every food that we eat.  Unless your diet consists of eating [Read More…]

Modern Wheat Is Making You Sick

There is something about wheat that you probably don’t know – and that is what makes wheat bad for you. The wheat that is on the shelves of grocery stores today is not the same wheat that our grandparents ate. The wheat we eat today, “Modern Wheat,” is a recent hybrid that has been developed over the last 60 years. [Read More…]