Uses: Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is one of the most researched essential oils and well-known for its relaxation properties. This is because it stimulates our autonomic nervous system, the part of our nervous system that helps us to relax. Therefore, lavender essential oil is a very popular assistive sleeping aid. [Read More…]

Top 5 Essential Oils for Skin Care

Looking for a few essential oils to jump start your beauty regimen? Here are the best essential oils for skin care and why they are so effective. The skin benefits of these essential oils are well documented and have been used for millennia to treat stubborn skin conditions. [Read More…]

How to Mix Essential Oils

When people buy essential oils for the first time, the most common question that they have is how to mix essential oils. It is not as hard as you think. Just knowing the properties of the essential oils will tell you which things will smell best together and which will not.
[Read More…]

Essential Oils You Should Not Use While Pregnant

Essential oils can be a welcome addition to the remedies that pregnant women can use for conditions that arise during pregnancy that cannot be treated with drugs. Some essential oils are safe for pregnancy. There are, however, some essential oils to avoid during pregnancy. [Read More…]

Essential Oils in the Bath

Relaxing in a bath can be the best part of your day, helping to ease you out of the stress of everyday life. Adding essential oils to your bath (or shower, for that matter), can transform the simply pleasurable experience into a sublime one. [Read More…]

Top 10 Essential Bath and Shower Oils

Using essential oils in the bath or shower is a great way to enhance relaxation and elevate mood. Essential oils can also be used on dry and itch skin during a bath to help ease the symptoms.

Use this reference to help select the best essential oil for your bath. [Read More…]

10 Uses: Lemon Essential Oil

10 Uses: Lemon Essential Oil Known for their clean and sharp scent, lemons provide us with one of the most popular and versatile essential oils on the market. The uses of lemon essential oil are numerous. [Read More…]

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