How Salad Can Make Us Fat – The New York Times

The mere presence of a healthy menu choice gives us permission to pick something wicked.

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“Since we each have a fairly stable self-concept of how good/bad, healthy/unhealthy or selfish/altruistic we are, when one decision swings too far from this self-concept, we automatically take action to balance it out.”

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Low-fat lie one big diet cover-up

You might expect that major recommendations about health and diet (like the low fat diet) would be rigorously tested and assessed before being promoted to the public.

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“Rather than ask authorities, we should ask our grandparents what they ate when they were young.”

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Modern Wheat Is Making You Sick

There is something about wheat that you probably don’t know – and that is what makes wheat bad for you. The wheat that is on the shelves of grocery stores today is not the same wheat that our grandparents ate. The wheat we eat today, “Modern Wheat,” is a recent hybrid that has been developed over the last 60 years. [Read More…]

Massages Near Me

Where can you find nearby massage, spa, fitness, or alternative health services? Here. Earn free stuff just for signing up. Give a gift, get a gift – earn discounts when you give a friend a massage gift card. [Read More…]

Best Essential Oil Diffuser

Why Use a Diffuser? Essential oils can brighten your day, lift your mood, and help you better focus on the task a hand.  However, it is difficult to find the time to stop and reapply [Read More…]

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